Montag, 17. August 2015

Women in Science Fiction Bundle up until 27th of August 2015 (5 books for at least 5$, 10 books for at least 15$)

There is a countdown on this page, The Women in Science Fiction Bundle from is available until 27 of August 2015. It is "pay as you like", for at least 5$ you get these wild book collection of prolific Science Fiction Writers (who all happens to be female):

Near + Far
  by  Cat Rambo

Crossfire  by  Nancy Kress

  by  Linda Nagata

The Phoenix Code
  by  Catherine Asaro

Recovering Apollo
by  Kristine Kathryn Rusch

If you pay at least 15$, you get additionally:

The Diving Bundle  by  Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Stars - The Anthology
  by  Janis Ian and Mike Resnick

Strong Arm Tactics  by  Jody Lynn Nye

Forgotten Suns 
by  Judith Tarr

  by  Vonda N. McIntyre

And if you are in filk:
Welcome Home (The Nebulas Song) with lyrics, deconstructed lyrics and mp3 ...

Since I've been specially interested by Vonda N. McInyre's Starfarers, I've bought the big bundle. And I did read the first pages of "The Diving Bundle" and nearly couldn’t stop to finish the current book ...

The people of storybundle don't believe in DRM, so everything can be read as you like without any problems on nearly every device and operating system (all books are available as epub and mobi).

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